Discover our plant-based, cruelty-free glue-on nails!

We are proud to release our unique glue-on nails on the market, our plant-based 3D nails are vegan, cruelty-free, durable, reusable and made in the UK!

Sustainability is in the heart of every conversation, every future project, we have one planet and we need to take care of it in every way possible. Creating a sustainable product made mainly from plants was a challenge but we did it.

We want you to express yourself with our 3D designs. High quality, easy application and fair prices are what we have focused on. We care about providing you with the best product possible. You can wear them, be yourself, have fun, then reuse and recolour them.

Whether it is repainting the nail for the 5th time or reapplying it for the 10th we wanted to create a light but strong fake nail that could last you a lifetime. Sustainability being at the heart of today's discussion- Krylik aims to change the way we consume products. 

By replacing single-use commodities with reusable alternatives made from sustainable sources: this is now the way to go!


Join us on this beautiful adventure, let’s be ourselves, let’s care and let’s make an impact.