How to create amazing nail art with your Krylik London nails!

Did you know that our Krylik London nails come in white colours?

Nail art is one of the best ways to show your unique and amazing self!
All of our Krylik London nails come in white, allowing you to express yourself in the most creative way.

Thanks to the Krylik Nail, you can let your imagination flow on this blank canvas and make it look like the best version of itself through your imagination!

If you are feeling a little more adventurous, we have different products such as Hex or Bull and Flowers that can be customized in the wildest range of colours possible!

Remember, they are 100% plant-based and reusable. Once you are done with your nail art, put your nails in acetone, it'll remove the nail polish and the nails from your fingers, let them soak and once dry you can start all over again!

Let us know how your amazing creations looks like by uploading your pictures and share them with the #MyKrylikNails