Krylik Krystmas!

As the evenings get darker and the nights get colder one thing is for sure, Christmas will soon be with us! 


We’ve put together some of top tips on how to keep your hands looking fabulous this winter, alongside some ways that our Krylik nails can be put to use to add to the festive fun.


With chilly evenings come Christmas lights, mince pies, and hot chocolate. But cold weather can often leave our nails feeling dry and under the weather. This year, make sure you’re feeling your best from your head to your fingertips by looking after your hands, nails, and cuticles with our self-care routine.


Every winter our go-to products are a hand and nail cream and cuticle oil. The best way to protect yourself against dry and irritated skin from the wind and the cold is to make sure your hands stay warm and hydrated. Take a nice pair of gloves out with you and make sure you drink plenty of water. Use cream and oil throughout the day and top it up whenever your skin is feeling dry - they are your new winter must-have items you can’t leave the house without! Hydrated hands are happy hands, and happy hands are crucial for enjoying the Christmas festivities!


Now your hands and nails are protected against the cold, it’s time to have some fun with them.


This year we’re wishing for a white Christmas, and we know you’ve all got one question you’re dying to know the answer to – what nail shape is best for making snowballs?


After some very serious research and discussion, we can confirm that the snowball crafting champions are … the KX!
They’re short enough not to get in the way of your snow moulding technique, and the bold, geometric design can print patterns into the snow for extra grip. With these nails, we can guarantee you’ll never lose a snowball fight again.


But why stop there with incorporating Krylik nails into your Christmas? Our nails can be included in the entire day…


On Christmas morning you’re obviously going to want to be wearing the KL nail. Not only are they quirky and fun, but the durability of the product allows perfect tearing through wrapping paper and allow you to get at your presents in record breaking time.

You’re then going to want to do a quick nail-outfit change in time for Christmas dinner over to the KH. The short length means you won’t be obstructed when putting all your strength into pulling that Christmas cracker!


Finally, we would finish off the day again in the classic KL design – of course, customised with a Christmas design (as seen on our Instagram and TikTok) – adding a little glamour and style to the evening.


Christmas may still be a few weeks away, but we already can’t wait to see the festive nail art you all come up with.


If all this Christmas talk has got you feeling inspired to customise some Krystmassy nail designs, then tag us in your Instagram posts at @kryliklondon and we’ll be sure to share!