Perfect outfit starting from the nails.

“Hands are windows to the soul”.

Nail Polish and manicure are perfect to enhance any outfit or to match any amazing accessory we have! But how does nail polish match with your outfit?

You don't need to match your nail polish colour to the one you're wearing, but there are super stylish ways to match them.

Avoid tone on tone

First of all, you must avoid opting for the "tone on tone", the colour of the nail polish would not stand out on the colour of your outfit. So, as with any accessory, it is better to “disconnect” with a contrasting colour.

Go for contrast

Better to opt for a colour that detaches and creates contrast for both options: if we love to wear bright colours, then we will need to choose a lighter colour nail polish, such as a beige, a pale pink or even a French; while if you love more neutral colours, then you can create contrast with a brighter colour, from electric blue to red.

Match the nail polish to the patterns

If we want to wear a patterned outfit, it might become more complicated, which nail polish to wear so as not to create too much confusion in the colours of our outfit? In case you want to combine nail polish with a patterned dress, just choose a colour from its prints and the match will be perfect.

Match between nail polish and accessories

If you want to give a bit of sprint to a boring outfit, we can combine nail polish with accessories, to give an extra touch of colour to the outfit. For example, if we choose a total black, like a classic but sexy sheath dress, the idea is to disconnect with coloured accessories, such as a clutch, a pair of décolleté, lipstick and nail polish in a bright tone, such as fuchsia or a cherry red.

Here are some other little tips you can take to get an elegant look:

-Try to avoid combining a flashy outfit with a flashy pattern, it might be a little overwhelming. Try to get the shape of your nails clean, such as a square or almond shape.

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