What is a trend, do we even care?

As Krylik London is an independent nail brand we focus particularly on nail trends. But what is it that makes us gravitate to these specific nail looks, making us want to adopt them for ourselves? Is it colour? Pattern? Design structure? Repetition? There are so many aesthetic aspects of nail trends that appeal to people. But at what point do we follow for the sake of following, as opposed to following because we love something, and it makes us feel good?

 Whether it’s a trend in music or fashion, gaming or lifestyle, people are always following an influence or blazing an influential trail through their innovative role in society. Essentially trends have been around forever. But the question on everyone’s lips is, why do we even care?

 A lot of what I love about influencing today is the role it plays in education, introducing people to things they wouldn’t usually try. It allows people of my generation who spend a lot of time on social media to experiment with new visuals. Krylik London massively echoes this, which is why I fell in love with the brand. Krylik London defies a mundane reality with their incredibly structured nails, the timeless products showcase a unique aesthetic never seen or created before.


A Woman of Colour 

As a woman of colour, I felt a pressure to keep up with these influenced trends, a pressure I wasn’t comfortable with. When specific colours became ‘on trend’ I would feel uneasy and as though my skin tone did not compliment the colour palette I was expected to follow. I remember going to the nail shop for the first time, requesting the nude nails I had seen everywhere online. As soon as my technician started painting my first fresh set, I instantly wanted him to remove them. I wasn’t aware that different skin tones will host different nudes. The colour just looked so unflattering on my skin tone, but I felt embarrassed to ask him to change it because it looked so good on my friends and in pictures I saw online. No two skin tones are going to host the same nude perfectly. Some looking pinker, some browner and some greyer.

I am now in a place where I look for inspiration from influencing trends as opposed to simply being a follower. I now adapt my style with what I’m comfortable with and what makes me feel good. A lot of younger teens or people who aren’t as confident may struggle with this and feel pressure much like I did.

Krylik nails showcase a whole new division of press on nails, as the customisability allows you to explore any form of style with no damage to the nail base. Everyone and anyone is able to create a Krylik nail design to suit them, for any day, person or event.

It’s beautiful our world is becoming more and more inclusive. Anyone and everyone can express themselves, waking up every morning dressing and styling themselves how they please. People now are more likely to embrace their individuality and that’s one of the things Krylik prides itself on - uniqueness. Krylik’s nails are created to foreground the idea that you can be as creative and free with your style, and then do it all again tomorrow.