About Us...

Krylik London was created in 2020 by a group of creative environmentally-minded fashionistas, searching for a new way to disrupt the single-use, fast-fashion world. We set out to develop a stick on nail that can compete with any other nail brand on the market without damaging the planet. After extensive development… we’ve done it!

Our 3D nails are plant-based, reusable and made in the UK.

Krylik Nails are all about you…

Standing out, reusing and recolouring are what we focus on at Krylik. We want you to express yourself with our 3D designs. You can re-use, re-colour, be yourself and have fun.

Whether it is repainting the nail for the 5th time or reapplying it for the 10th we wanted to create a light but strong stick on nails that could last you a lifetime. Sustainability is at the heart of today’s discussion- Krylik aims to change the way we consume products, by replacing single-use commodities with reusable alternatives made from sustainable sources: this is now the way to go!

Join us on our adventure, let’s be ourselves,

let’s care and let’s make an impact.