We created Krylik products to be: 


   Krylik London is the world's most environmentally friendly glue-on nail. Our collection of nails are designed for the ethically aware and fashion forward, engineered to stimulate creativity, while showcasing innovative designs and structures.

At Krylik London, we believe it is important to express exactly who YOU are. That is why we have created a nail collection so easily

 CUSTOMISABLE. No matter your gender, race, culture or sexuality, our nails are easily adaptable to showcase the true you. 

We are fully committed to contributing to a world that is less dependant on single-use plastic. Our nails are crafted to be REUSABLE, allowing you to repaint and reapply time and time again. We have created lightweight but DURABLE press-on nails that are SUSTAINABLE and will last you a lifetime. 

Krylik London are at the forefront of high fashion and ecologically conscious design.

Come join us on the journey.

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