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- 100% Reusable (100+ uses, they don't dissolve in acetone) 

- 100% Plant-Based Glue-on Nails

- FREE Glue and Cuticle Stick

- 100% Made in the UK

Product Description

Length: Medium      Shape: Almond

Easy to apply and reusable: these white canvas nails are the entry-level offering, with a smooth surface and almond shape it is the perfect accessory for any occasion from work to party. 

The Krylik nails are made to be used and reused.

What's included

- 24 Nails in 12 Different Sizes 

- Glue 

- Cuticle Stick

How to


- All orders a processed within 24 hours 

- FREE delivery takes 3-5 business days 

- For additional information refer to Shipping Policy

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