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- 100% Reusable (100+ uses, they don't dissolve in acetone) 

- 100% Plant-Based Glue-on Nails

- FREE Glue and Cuticle Stick

- 100% Made in the UK

Product Description

  Length: Medium      Shape: Almond
Easy to apply and reusable: these textured Dune styled nails could be the sand dunes of the Sahara or the waves of Hawaii, on your very own fingertips.
In an almond design these textured nails are both dressy and stylish.


Made to be the sweet addition to your everyday life or special occasions.

What's included

- 24 Nails in 12 Different Sizes 

- Glue 

- Cuticle Stick

How to


- All orders a processed within 24 hours 

- FREE delivery takes 3-5 business days 

- For additional information refer to Shipping Policy